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Daniel Lew


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Portrait of Daniel Lew on the beach.

Daniel Lew is a singer-songwriter with a mission to uplift the world. 10 years ago, he spontaneously went deaf in his left ear and developed tinnitus. This led him to devote his life to music. His songs combine folk, pop, and rock and are introspective in nature. His voice sounds like a blend of Bob Dylan and Chris Cornell, while his songwriting is more influenced by John Lennon and John Mayer. He has independently released 3 albums, amassed over 400 performances, and has been featured by CBC Radio One, Jade Music Festival, Pancouver Magazine, and Daily Hive Vancouver.

Recently, Daniel received praise from Jacob Collier and Ed Sheeran while he was busking. Ed invited him backstage to his show where he had the opportunity to share career insights and perform a song.

Daniel is an emerging artist in Creative BC's Career Development Program and has released his brand new album “Destiny” that he is currently supporting with on a Canadian tour. He has a vision of increasing the representation of Asian-Canadians in the music industry.

Daniel is embracing the momentum of his journey and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Featured on CBC Radio One: The Early Edition

Lunarfest concert at Orpheum Theatre

Jade Music Festival at HollyWood Theatre

2023-2024 - Creative BC Career Development grant recipient

Featured on Daily Hive Vancouver: Live performance of Alive (The Ocean Song) gained 180,000+ views

310 performances in 2023

VIFF AMP Music in Film Summit 2022

TransLink Busker Program


Trade It All Away (Official Music Video)

Alive (The Ocean Song)


Met Radio: Artist Review — Daniel Lew. Interview with Kejo Buchanan

CBC Radio One: The Early Edition. Interview with Gloria Macarenko

"Folk music writ large with electrifying vocals"

- Charlie Smith, former editor of The Georgia Straight

"Jade Music Fest: Vancouver singer-songwriter Daniel Lew makes memorable and uplifting music to benefit the world"

- Pancouver



For questions, bookings and inquiries, contact Daniel at dlew@uwo.ca

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